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At Giles Angus Ranch, we are focused on producing genetics that excel in calving ease, weaning weight, yearling weight, fertility, docility and carcass value as well as being easy keepers and easy fleshing animals of moderate frame and size. We are striving to produce bulls that will sire females with a mature weight of 1,200 to 1,300 lbs. and that consistently wean more than 50% of their body weight.

Our main reference sires we use extensively through artificial insemination (AI) to improve cow efficiency and increase return on investment per acre, are GAR Sure Fire, GAR Xceptional and Gardens Cache. We are striving to moderate the mature cow size even more while improving weaning weights. We recognize it costs approximately the same to produce a lower performing calf as it does a higher performing one. We must keep in mind the cattle feeder is rewarded on average daily gain, conversion efficiency and carcass value which are also the main drivers of steer calf price. Also, cow fertility is paramount. An open cow that should be bred is the most expensive animal in the herd.

In today’s age of technology, bovine gene markers have been mapped and are being utilized by Angus Genetics, Inc. That means each one of our bulls and females are tested with a HD50K DNA test, which gives us a gene loci evaluation of each animal in reference to their important economic traits they pass onto their offspring. This includes calving ease, weaning weight, yearling weight, docility, fertility, milking ability and carcass value. In other words, these DNA markers are reflected in the EPDs, which provides a more accurate prediction of how the offspring will perform from a particular bull or female. Don’t buy a bull today without them!

Our operation is located in the Texas Panhandle. Blizzards and Blue Northers are a fact of life in our weather as temperatures can vary as much as 60 degrees in less than 24 hours. Our cattle are tough and have survived the elements. In winters past, we had several occurrences where the daily high was 75 and the overnight low was in the low 20s or teens. Now, that’s hardiness! The weak ones don’t survive.

Our fall calving cows graze native range most of the year and are supplemented with range cubes from November through December, as we synchronize and AI breed on two heat cycles before utilizing herd sires. In January, the cows are placed on graze-out triticale pasture through the end of May until weaning.

Mature cows begin calving September 10 for 65 days. More than 50% of the calves are on the ground by October 1 and 90% of the calves are on the ground by October 31. The 2-year-old heifers begin calving the last week of August for 30 days.

As a Giles Angus Ranch customer, we would be happy to assist you with marketing your stocker/feeder calves through AngusLink®. This program allows the customer to upload all available data on a set of cattle so that we, as your seedstock provider, can assist you in marketing your calves to our network of premium buyers. It takes a little time and organization to get listed with AngusLink and needs to be done as early in the season as possible. Please call Kelly for more AngusLink program details as well as animal health protocols that will be beneficial to your bottom line.

Simply put, we stand behind our product. Upon your request, if you have a bull “go down” during the breeding season, we pledge to deliver a replacement bull into your pasture within 48 hours or less. See our full breeding guarantee here.